Round-Leaved Sundew

Jun 25, 2021

Mike spotted an area of circa 20 metres covered in round-leaved sundew plants by one of the deer fences on the Torosay hillside at the end of June.

A small, insectivorous plant, this fantastical looking species can grow up to around 20cm, and is reasonably common on heath and moorland. It can be found in Scotland, Wales and Ireland, and parts of England.

It evolved its diet to consume insects due to its habitats of bogs and marshes, typically poor in nutrients and / or acidic.

While it may look as if its leaves are covered in dew, this is in fact a sticky liquid that it uses to trap the insects. The leaves wrap around the insect and eventually the plant digests it.

It is distinguishable from other varieties of sundews by its round leaves.

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